Gift boxes.


Gift boxes.

Small gift box made of cellulose kraft cardboard. The box structure consists of a section.

UAH 5.10 with VAT: UAH 5.10.

Gift box 110 х 110 х 40 mm, self-assembled.

A small Samsung Mobile Phones in Ethiopia gift box made of coated cardboard with a density of 270 g / m2. A distinctive feature ..

5.25 UAH with VAT: 5.25 UAH

Gift box 115 x 115 x 116 mm, self-assembled.

Gift box made of coated cardboard in the shape of a cube with a comfortable handle. Manufacturing material – me ..

UAH 12.25 with VAT: UAH 12.25

Gift box 115 x 95 x 60 mm, self-assembled.

Convenient self-assembled cardboard box for gift wrapping with built-in lid, which is a continuation.

6.18 UAH with VAT: 6.18 UAH

Gift box 120 x 70 x 30 mm, bottom cover.

Gift box made of coated cellulose cardboard with a density of 250 g / m2. Outer layer made of kraft paper.

5.64 UAH with VAT: 5.64 UAH

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